Quarantunes - Hole in the Hedge and Seamus Cooley’s Jig

Time for some #quarantunes with The Bookends!

Enjoy Hole in the Hedge and Seamus Cooley’s Jig.

Quarantunes - The Kilfenora Barmaid

Time for some more #quarantunes with The Bookends!

Enjoy The Old Favourite and The Roaring Barmaid in a tune setting we call The Kilfenora Barmaid

Yes - we deliver!

We had fun playing a tune for our fans and friends who bought our album and live locally.

Here's a little video (filmed by our amazing film crew - our kids!) of us having a blast sharing our music and a little Local Love!

Thanks to all those who took part. Keep an eye out of exciting opportunities to see The Bookends soon!

Recent Press

We've been lucky enough to participate in some unique events recently in support of various charities and foundations funding support and response during the COVID-19 Crisis.

Bravo Stratford: The Spirit of Community

In support of Stratford House of Blessing - a local food bank

Stay at Home Gala

In support of Perth County Community Foundation

Appearing at 9:25min in CTV coverage

Stratford Summer Music: Moonlit Regatta

Keystone Alley Set